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About PowerJointTM

PowerJointTM is a comprehensive range of premium heatshrink jointing and termination solutions for 11 and 22KV applications to suit all popular cable sizes.

POWERJOINTTM products have been type tested and certified to Australian and New Zealand standards and kit components have also been certified to IEC60502-4, AS/NZS 4805.1 (2007) and HD629.1S2 (2006). The POWERJOINTTM proven range also includes; busbar tubes and tapes up to 33kV; flexible boots to 11kV; complementary tools and accessories. POWERJOINTTM offers engineered special kits for your particular requirements.

POWERJOINTTM includes product training and support across Australia and New Zealand. Our dedicated local technical specialist experts provide product selection advice and after sales support in the field. POWERJOINTTM instructions have been refined for the specific cables and applications found across Australia and New Zealand. For the very best technical, type tested, and supported solution for your heatshrink, jointing and termination need across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, use POWERJOINTTM.